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Due to the obvious risk of me germs, using disposable cutting capes or sanitizing reusable cutting capes are great options to consider. 

Cutting Capes

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Just as the name suggests, cutting capes are worn during haircuts or grooming sessions. These simple yet effective pieces of equipment can help reduce and manage the mess that remains after a haircut. The cutting capes from Capesaver are an essential item for people who cut their own hair or cut others hair. In every barber shop, there are cutting capes of different shapes and sizes for all customers.


A barber has to cut hair of people of every age ranging from children to adults. It is for this reason that they should also have the cutting capes available in different sizes as well. It is the first thing that they put on their customers just before beginning any type of grooming. These capes can minimize the hair getting onto the clothing of the customer and keep them neat and tidy. There are other accessories that can be used with the cape like the paper collar on the neck to prevent the hair from falling down in the cape. The correct usage of the cutting cape depends on the person putting it on and the one doing the haircut.

Benefits of the Capes

There could be a lot of reasons for wearing a cutting cape during a haircut. The first is that it reduces the time it takes to clean up after the haircut. Especially in salons where multiple customers come, it is easier to throw the hair on the cutting cape. It also protects the clothes of the customers in case they have to go somewhere right after the haircut. These capes can be sanitized before use and can also help prevent any contact with anything in a salon.


The cutting cape (although not meant for this purpose) can be used as a shield. If it can be sanitized and sterilized as a lot of people used to share a cutting cape. Repeated usage of the cutting capes is no longer an option because of the threat of contacting germs. The best thing to do is either to sanitize the cutting capes or to use the disposable ones. The disposable capes are also a good utility for the salons. People can just wear these capes one time and then discard it along with the hair. It saves the time and the effort to clean things after the haircut. Just collecting the cutting cape and folding it with all the hair still inside saves everyone the trouble.

Worth in buying

The cutting capes of Capesaver are definitely worth their price. These capes can provide so much and save a lot of time and effort. There a lot of options available to buy these capes from. There are online stores that offer custom made cutting capes with beautiful designs on them. It can help attract more customers or help the children with the haircuts. These capes can be purchased as part of the barber kits as all of these kits nowadays have included the cutting capes. The other best option for salon owners it to buy it in bulk from a wholesaler. Having a large number of these capes at hand is a good investment as the business can run seamlessly.



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