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CapeSaver Keeps the Customer Dry

  • Put  CapeSaver directly inside the shampoo bowl when rinsing/shampooing hair.

  • Great for people with short necks and elders. 

  • 100% Waterproof


Designed to Create a Snug Fit


Tuck the CapeSaver's flap into a shirt's collar so that it can fit snug around the client's neck. This creates extra protection for the customer and prevents the customer's clothing from getting wet.

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Color and Chemical Resistant


The CapeSaver is made with a durable material that is resistant to chemical stains. It can be machine washed to clean/sanitize and air dried. 

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An Excellent Cutting Surface


The CapeSaver provides a smooth surface for cutting straight lines. Comb wet or dry hair directly onto the Capesaver and guide scissors across the surface.


Protect Your Cutting Capes from Damage


The CapeSaver protects cutting capes and prevents them from being damaged by chemicals, color, and water. CapeSaver is an extra layer of protection to keep your capes and the clients clean. Any chemicals, color, or water that touches the CapeSaver can be easily wiped off without leaving a stain.

Kids Cape


The CapeSaver can be used as a kid's cape. Simply tuck the CapeSaver's flap into the child's shirt collar and use the velcro in front to adjust it around their petite necks.  

Permanent Makeup


Turn the CapeSaver around so that it drapes over the front of your client and use it as a catch surface to protect your client's clothing during makeup or permanent makeup applications.  

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